Walter Bayne's Handbill For An Exhibition Of His Moving Panorama, 1880

This handbill from 1880 calls all from the city of Washington to the last exhibition of Walter Bayne's Original Gigantic Series of Panoramas Entitled A Voyage To Europe!

Moving Panoramas were popular for their variety of scenery; parades and other celebratory public events, common street scenes, battles both on ground and the sea, harbours from around the world, arctic voyages, the Great Lakes, local country life as well as cultural views of foreign countries, city view-scapes and many more depictions too numerous to mention.


This particular Panorama comprised magnificent panoramic views of Boston and it's harbour, Halifax, the Atlantic, the River Mersey, Liverpool, London from the River Thames, and both sides of the River Rhine.

The poster clearly boast's a viewing audience of over a quarter of a million people in the cities of Boston, Philadelphia and Baltimore alone.

Admittance was 15 cents for children and 25 cents for adults.

Walter Bayne's Handbill For An Exhibition Of His Moving Panorama From February 4th-6th, 1880.
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