An illustrated chronological history of the development motion pictures covering 2,500 years leading to the discovery of cinematography in 1800's

The History of
The Discovery of

An illustrated Chronological History of the Development of Motion Pictures Covering 2500 Years Leading to the Discovery of Cinematography in the 1800's. 2019 Best Christian homeschool curriculum

Years 900BC Chapter 1
Years 1400+ Chapter 2
Years 1600+ Chapter 3
Years 1650+ Chapter 4
Years 1700+ Chapter 5
Years 1750+ Chapter 6
Years 1800+ Chapter 7
Years 1830+ Chapter 8
Years 1850+ Chapter 9
Years 1860+ Chapter 10
Years 1870+ Chapter 11
Years 1880+ Chapter 12
Years 1885+ Chapter 13
Years 1890+ Chapter 14
Years 1895+ Chapter 15


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